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Everything You Need To Know About SEO!

SEO is a collection of on-site and off-site activities that improve a website’s exposure in search engines and, as a result, gives your business natural rankings on Google. When I say “natural,” I mean “organically,” as opposed to “paying search engines” (PPC). For this reason, getting to the top of the search results through a sequence of complicated steps is crucial. To explain the SEO process in more detail, Google searches the entire Internet for websites that have good content related to the topic that is being searched. When someone searches Google, it returns the results as a list of pages that it considers to be of the highest quality, most relevant and most valuable information, based on a variety of criteria. Once the pages has been crawled and indexed by Google, the algorithm acts within milliseconds to prioritize search results. Considering hundreds of ranking factors and then Google decides which pages appear before or after for a given search result. There are many factors that a search engine relies on to rank a page, some of the factors for ranking are the quality of the content included on the page, the structure of the website and the backlinks to the website.


Oakville Seo Services
Oakville SEO Agency


This comes down to how easy it is for Google to access your website. A website must allow the Google robot or spider to navigate quickly and effectively if your website wants to have a good ranking, then the google spider will be able to index more pages of your website and will be able to check for on page updates more frequently. For this to work, a good structure and organization is essential, since it is a big factor when it comes to indexability.

Domain Authority

Google seems to think, the more popular a website is, the more valuable the information it contains. The more content is shared or linked (backlinks), the more users have found it to be useful. That is why authority is one of the biggest factors that search engines take into account when ranking websites.


This boils down to the relationship of your on-page content to a specific search term that is being searched. There was a long time when this could be achieved by including the search term in your content but now search engines rely on a large number of on-page and off-page SEO factors to determine the relevance of a page, The search intent and user experience are also big factors for when it comes to relevance and rankings.

Our SEO Services

Ontario SEO
On Page SEO

We help businesses looking to start organically ranking on the top pages of Google to bring in more and better-qualified leads to their business.

Local SEO

We use proven strategies to help you rank higher in the local search results so potential customers nearby can find you on google.

Want To Know Why We Are #1 at SEO In Oakville?

At MJA Digital, Our Oakville based team believes digital marketing should be focused on one thing and one thing only – Results. 

On any project, our first step is finding out exactly what you need help with and what you want to achieve with SEO. Then we work with you to develop a custom SEO strategy that’s custom tailored to you and your business.

Get Excited With Us About SEO!

Here at MJA Digital, we are excited to work with you and help build a custom SEO strategy for your business. We have over five years experience with helping businesses rank higher on Google. Well PPC marketing might seem like the best option for quick results for your business, SEO is a much better option for helping your business build long term success for getting new clients. Once we plan out and implement your custom SEO strategy for your business, you will start to see some results and that’s when we keep pushing and working even more on your SEO strategy to building a strong foundation which will help your business get lots of high quality leads for years to come!

SEO IN Oakville
Oakville SEO
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SEO in Oakville
"Oakville SEO"

Did you find us by searching “Oakville SEO” on Google? if so..then Congrats! Here at MJA digital we practice what we preach! Just like how you found our website on Google, We can help your website be found at the top of Google too!

What Makes Our Oakville SEO Agency Stand Out!
Oakville SEO

We Will Always Work Hard For YOU

Our Oakville team promises to always stay committed to the project and try our best to get your business the best possible results and return on investment.

The Right SEO Approach Customized For Your Business

Doing SEO for your website doesn’t need to be over complicated, we have created a simple system so our SEO plans are easy to understand, affordable and effective which will lead to better results for you and your business.

An SEO Agency You Can Trust!

Our services as a Top SEO Agency in Oakville for Search Engine Optimization includes: Organic Search, SEO On-Page , Keyword Research and Activity Reports

Organic Search

Development and adaptation of content to improve the positions of your business in search results. It is a constant job and with daily maintenance and content always being updated and added.

Keyword Research

An essential part of any successful SEO strategy is conducting a study of the most relevant search words for your company's products / services. This is one of the keys to SEO success which we take very seriously.

Reports and strategy

We carry out a complex monitoring of the progress of your SEO strategy with reports and evaluations to find your business the very best position in the search results.

Oakville Seo Services
Our Check List When Starting Any New SEO Project:

This is the most important aspect of SEO, At the start of every project we do an intense keyword research break down for you,  We find the best keywords for you to rank for and the best keywords to take away from your competitors.

Another useful SEO tool is to have search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., crawl and index your website, this will increase visits to your web page considerably. We will add your website to Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters as well as submit your XML Site map for you.

An optimized website is the beginning of a successful path for any SEO Campaign. When crating new and engaging content, an SEO strategy must be kept in mind, A good SEO Strategy will consist of the proper use of specific keywords in the correct places. We will focus on selecting the keywords that represent your niche and to place those keywords on your website accordingly.

Another key aspect of our SEO strategy to increase web traffic is to use long tail keywords. This type of keywords allows you to position a page with greater accuracy than using only very general keywords.

Optimizing content and the proper use of keywords is an important milestone to increase web traffic, but if your website takes forever to load, rest assured that your time invested in SEO research and implementation can be wasted.

The time it takes to load your website is essential, both for SEO positioning and for the user experience. The better optimized  your website is, the better loading speed it will have, and therefore, the visitors to your website will increase.

Link building is very important when it comes to SEO, Link building is essential when you make collaborations and associations with business of the same niche or related to the objectives of your brand. These backlinks links are really very valuable when they come from related pages. That’s why we work hard right away to get you high-quality backlinks that will help you get better rankings on the search results.

The Tools We Use To Help You Rank #1 On Google!

We use SEMrush to do keyword research and analysis. We also use SEMrush to track your ranking’s during the SEO process.

We use Yoast SEO to do your on-page SEO, the Yoast plugin helps us make sure your website is optimized for SEO and it helps to send your content and SEO signals to Google on your behalf.

SEO Cost Oakville
We Believe In Up Front Pricing!

Our SEO Clients deserve to know our prices right away, that’s why at MJA Digital we provide up-front pricing with no strings attached. We believe in being open and transparent and providing you with great pricing and excellent service.

We Want To Help You Achieve Your Goals With SEO!

We want to help your business grow and get more organic website traffic and most importantly help you get more sales from our SEO Services! We don’t believe in long term contacts, we believe in working hard month after month to deliver the best results possible to give you a positive return on your investment with us!       

Oakville Seo Services
Matt Arnott (Owner Of MJA Digital)
Oakville Seo Services
At MJA Digital We Don't Do Long-Term Contracts!

Here at MJA Digital we don’t believe in long term SEO Contracts, At the end of the month it is up to you the client if you want to stay with us or part ways, we will always work hard to insure you are getting the best possible SEO results to keep you as a customer and to help you rank higher on Google!

What Our Oakville SEO Clients Want To Know:
The Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Rankings On Google:
Oakville SEO Agency

1. Using Images

Images can improve your rankings in the search results and attract many more visitors to your website. Don't forget that something as simple as giving your image a good name or putting an alternative text in your image can help give your website a huge boost in the search results.

2. Write Unique And Quality Content

Unique and quality content can be your key to improving your positioning in the search results. Google loves content that is useful and original.

3. Choose a Good Design For Your Website

Always choose a good design for your website that attracts visitors, that allows them to view your website from tablets and smartphones and that makes it simple for the user to navigate through your website. Try to make your website as user friendly as possible.

4. Promote Your Content

Share your pages and articles on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) The more social shares you get for your content the better.

5. Audit Your Content

when you have a good amount of content created and it has been published for at least 1 year on your website, it is always a good time to do a full SEO audit to see how that content is performing on Google. You can then adjust your SEO strategy based on how that content is performing.

SEO is The Future!

SEO makes your website more visible to your target customers. People trust organic results and with a properly implemented SEO you don’t have to pay to rank organically higher like you have to do when running an expensive PPC Campaign. SEO helps you to stay ahead of your competition and get an edge over your competitors.

We can assist you in implementing a thoughtful SEO strategy with better content creation and on-page optimization which will give your business more website visitors and more importantly more customers.

Oakville SEO
Our Happy Oakville SEO Clients!

Matt and his team at MJA Digital are great! They are the absolute best and most affordable at SEO in Oakville and the GTA.

Kristy Simions

I met up with Matt in Oakville to talk about how MJA Digital can help us grow, 6 Months later our sales have doubled all because of the custom SEO plan me and Matt came up with together.

Jason Von
Proudly Based In Oakville And Serving All Of Canada For SEO!