How To Delete A Google Review

How To Delete A Google Review
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The Best Guide On How To Get Google To Delete A Review:

How To Delete A Google Review – Quick & Simple

Picture this, your business is booming! Your clients are happy! Life is going great! Then all of a sudden, you get a notification by email from Google saying that you just received your first ever 1-star review.

Your review looks something like either of these examples:

Your first reaction is ”wow, I never did business with this person” or “this review is 100% false information”  

Sadly, this happens way too often to many businesses all around the world, the worst part is if this type of review is not removed it could cost your business thousands of dollars per year in sales.

Before we jump into how to get this review removed, let’s talk about the most common reasons why these fake/harassing/slanderous reviews happen.

The most likely cause for this to happen is it is one of your competitors trying to hurt your reputation and steal your business. The second most likely cause is it is a bad customer you encountered using a fake identity to slander your business. The last case that we often see is a customer who posts a review and writes harassing information about your business (example: the owner is a drunk) or one of your employees (example: the girl who worked there smelled like smoke). The customer should only be posting information that is actually relevant to the business and the full experience they had with the business.

Now the good news is on google we have the power to fight back against these reviews! A lot of business owners do not know this and they end up just writing a response and leaving the negative review as is and thinking their response fixed the issue with the negative review when most of the time adding a reply to the negative review adds more creditability to the story and could make your business look worse also it could make it so Google is less likely to remove the review in the future.

How to get google to delete a review:

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business account:

2.  Click on Reviews from the left menu:

3. Select the review you want to report and click on the three dots and select “flag as inappropriate”:

4. Select the option that best fits your situation:

Great! you made it to the last step in the process but this is where it can get a little tricky, you have to select which option is the best to pick when reporting your google review for removal. I will break down for you what I recommend selecting based on each option.

Choose One Of The Following When Trying To Get Your Review Removed:

Off-topic: I would select this option if you got a review on your business from someone who you obviously can tell selected the wrong location or wrong industry (example: I once heard about a digital marketing company that got a review left about a hamburger, they flagged the review as off-topic and got google to remove it since it was totally unrelated to digital marketing)

Spam: I would select spam if you got multiple one-star reviews in a short period of time from new accounts on Google (you can usually tell how new the account is based on how many reviews it has left in the past on other businesses)

Conflict Of Interest: I would select this option if you know the review was left by a current or past employee of your business.

Profanity: I would select this option if the review includes swearing or slang that is inappropriate

Bullying Or Harassment: This option is best selected when you get a review that is threatening towards you, your employees, or your business.

Discrimination Or Hate speech: I would select this option if you get a review that talks about your culture or race.

Personal Information: I would choose this option if the review mentions really personal details about you the owner or one of your employees.

I often get asked, ” My review falls under more than one of these options, which one do I report it as?” In that case, it is best to think about which category it falls under the most. for example, you can get a review that leaves a lot of personal details about you from an ex-employee, I would still just report it as a conflict of interest since that is the main issue with the review and the root cause of the review.

What’s next after you reported the review?

The general rule of thumb is to wait 3 days after reporting the review to see what Google does, If nothing happens then the next step is to take further action.

The good news for you is here at MJA digital we offer a review removal service. If you are unsuccessful with getting the review removed then we can give it a try using our advanced strategies. We can put together a case on your behalf and submit it to google’s management team to review. The best part about this service we offer is you don’t pay unless we successfully remove the review. If you are interested in finding out more about this service or if you want a price quote just click the link here:

Common Asked Questions about Google Review Removal:

I did the steps posted in this blog post over 3 days ago and the review is still on my google my business page, what should I do next?

When this happens, it means that Google did a quick look at the review and did not find any issue with it, you need to escalate the issue to the next level of Google support which we can help with here.

Will the person who posted the review find out that the review got removed?

No! this process is confidential and they will not be notified by Google if the review has been removed.

What happens if the review gets removed and the person who posted the review before reposts the same review?

This happens rarely but if this happens you will need to start the process again to get the review removed, the good news is Google should be fast to get it removed this time since they know about the history with your business and the reviewer.

How long does it take to get a review removed once the process has been started?

It can take anywhere from 24 hours to 31 days to get a review removed.

Should I reply to fake or harassing reviews?

We typical advice against this since it adds more legitimacy to the review and it could make it harder for the review to get removed but if google refuses to remove the review then as a last resort option to help with your reputation it is ok to write a few sentences to explain the situation from your point of view.

What is the best way to see if it’s a competitor leaving a fake review about my business?

This can be pretty easy to point out, the easiest way to confirm this is to check the profile of the user on Google and see if they left your business a 1-star review but left a similar business in your area a 5-star review, Check out this example from a local dry cleaner in my area:  

They left a one-star review on one dry cleaner but a five-star review on another dry cleaner, if have experienced any reviews like this then you should report it right away to get removed.

What is another huge red flag that a review is fake?

Another big red flag is if you review the profile of the user who left the review and see that they left reviews in many different areas. For example, you see that the profile left a review on a barber in Texas, a dentist in Canada, a doctor in New York, and a lawyer in California.  See this screenshot as an example:

As you can see by the screenshot that the reviewer posted reviews for businesses in different cities far apart from each other all in the same day! as well as all the businesses being in the same industry, this is a huge red flag for fake reviews!

I hope you found this little guide on how to get Google to delete a review useful! if you have any questions just post up in the comment below!


-Matthew J Arnott

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