Easy Guide: How To Remove An Instagram Account From Your Phone In 2021

How To Remove An Instagram Account
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Almost everyone these days uses Instagram, for personal use and for business! As an SEO company, we use Instagram to promote blog posts and articles for our clients. We sometimes have to remove a client’s profile from our account and we found the process of Instagram profile removal on your cell phone to be quite tricky, so we created this quick start guide to help you out!

how to remove an Instagram account from a phone:

1. Select the small circular profile icon of the account you wish to delete, the icon is located on the bottom right of your Instagram profile.
2. Select the Hamburger icon which is located at the top right of your Instagram profile.

3. Select the Settings icon from the menu.
4. Select the Security icon from the menu.

5. Select the Saved Login Info button and toggle the button to OFF as seen in the picture above.
6. Select Remove to confirm with Instagram that you want the Login Information removed from your phone
7. Go back to your settings menu and select the Log Out option and choose the same profile which login information you just removed.

That’s How You Remove An Instagram Profile From Your Phone!

That’s it! congratulations, you just removed an Instagram profile from your phone! I hope you found this quick guide helpful, if you did please click the share buttons at the top to share this article with your friends and family. Instagram makes it really difficult to remove a profile from your phone and I hope this guide helped clear up the confusion for you! Just remember that the account is not permanently deleted, to do that you need to follow this guide, the account is however permanently removed from your phone. If you need even more additional information I also recommended visiting the Instagram Help Center.

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– Matthew Arnott

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