SEO For Plumbers: Quick Start Guide For 2021 & 2022

SEO for Plumbers 2021 2022
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Back in the early 2000s when you wanted to find a plumber you would easily find plumbers in the yellow pages or local newspapers, now in 2021 the best and easiest way to find a plumber is by doing a Google search for terms like “Plumber in XYZ City”.

We have created this guide to explain to you SEO for plumbers in more detail and to help give you the knowledge for creating content that will help your plumbing company rank on Google for years to come.

Step 1: Finding Your Target Market FOR PlumBer SEO

Plumbers fall under two categories:

Service Plumbers or New Construction Plumbers

You want to be targeting keywords that correspond with the plumbing sector that your business works in!

for example, service plumbers should be targeting customers looking for:

  • Toilet Repair
  • Drain Repair
  • Flooding
  • Clogged Drains
  • Leaking pipes

New Construction plumbing businesses should be targeting businesses looking for:

  • Slab Forming
  • High Rise Plumbing
  • Residential/ Low Rise Plumbing
  • New Construction Commercial/ I.C.I Plumbing
  • Pipe installation

Step 2: Run your keywords threw a keyword planning software

Use software such as Semrush or Ubersuggest to find what keywords your plumbing company should target for the best results

Once you have figured out what keywords you want to target based on the type of plumbing work you do, you need to run those keywords through software such as SEMrush or ubersuggest, you will want to see the keyword difficulty of those keywords and the search volume for those keywords per month on Google.

Step 3: On page changes to improve your SEO!

Now the fun part, you need to start creating content for each one of those keywords! This content can come in form of:

  • Listing the keywords on your homepage
  • Listing the keywords on your service pages
  • Creating blog posts around the keywords
  • Creating landing pages around the keywords

If you’re going to add the keywords to your homepage, make sure you add the main keyword you want to rank for as your H1 headers. Then input the other keywords you want to rank for on other headers on your page. The same goes for targeting keywords on your service pages.

When it comes to creating blog content, you want to create educational content around the keyword that you are targeting. A good example is if you’re writing a blog post called “The Best Way To Snake A Sink Drain” you would write step by step the best method for a homeowner should snake a sink drain, you don’t want to be selling your service on a blog post because Google does not like that, Google loves to see educational posts and content. It is recommended that you do link out to your service page at the bottom of your blog post because that creates link juice for your website and will help increase your rankings.

Lastly, we have landing pages, Landing pages should be targeting your keyword + location only, so if you’re a plumber in Boston and you want to create a landing page about toilet installation you should title your landing page “Toilet Installation In Boston” This makes sure you targeting the correct keyword and current location so clients in Boston looking for toilet installation can find you.

Common Asked Questions About Plumbers & SEO:

How much does plumbing SEO Cost?

Prices can vary but here at MJA Digital our plans start at $800 a month and go up to $2000 a month, you can learn more about our pricing and services here.

Why is search engine optimization important for plumbers?

It is important because it can help you be found by your target customer. Google is used by millions of people per day, your ideal client could be just a quick Google search away.

How do plumbers make leads?

Plumbers can make leads through lots of ways, the most effective ways are SEO and PPC.

Are reviews important for SEO?

YES! If you have a list of past clients then we recommend emailing them and asking for a review, the more reviews you get the better your website is going to rank on Google

How long Do SEO Services take for a Plumbing Business?

SEO can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to start seeing results, you have to remember that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint.

Does Plumber SEO include Local SEO?

Yes, local SEO should be part of your SEO Strategy, That means working on your google my business listing regularly. We typically recommended getting more reviews, adding photos, and providing as much information as possible about your business to Google.

Does Plumber SEO Include On-Page SEO?

Yes, on-page SEO is very important, Your content should be optimized and should be targeting the correct keywords on-page.

What ROI Can I Expect from SEO as a Plumbing Business?

After 3 to 6 months you should start to see a positive return on investment from SEO and after One full year you can possibly double or triple your SEO investment

What Can I Expect as a Plumber from SEO Services?

More customers find you on Google which will lead to more leads and most importantly more sales!

If you have any questions about SEO for Plumbers, Post in the comment section below and we will be happy to get back to you!

-Matthew Arnott

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